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The auto market is a fickle entity. Customer demographics range widely and the finances backing those customers vary even more as these consumers search for services to meet their auto needs. Auto warranty and auto finance services are among the most searched for and needed services for many different socio-economic groups throughout the country.

autoWhat’s an Auto Finance and Warranty Service Provider to Do?

As an auto finance and an auto warranty service provider looking for new clients, you can try purchasing auto finance and auto warranty leads in a couple different ways:

  • purchase bulk, “bottom of the barrel” leads, hoping that a few of the leads turns into an actual service-client relationship
  • invest heavily in more high-qualified leads from sources with technology backing but little understanding of the true nature of auto warranty and auto finance lead generation marketing.

You need a company that delivers consistent, high-quality auto warranty and auto finance leads at a reasonable rate but truly understands the nature of the auto lead generation market and can tailor consumer messages to meet particular demographic criteria. Who do you turn to?

Look No Further

Concussion Media answer this question for you. We provide premium and customized auto finance and auto warranty lead generation services that consistently fit our clients’ needs and maintain long lasting business relationships in the auto industry. Each auto service provider is different so we treat each of our clients differently. Subprime and prime consumer needs- we have it covered.

Auto consumers are constantly scouring the internet, researching competitors and prices to see what delivers thus your services need to stand out of the crowd. This is what we’re here to do: make sure you show off your exclusive, one-of-a-kind nature.

Exclusive Leads for Exclusive Clients

Customization is our key. We work with each of our clients on an individual basis to build a customized campaign from the ground up. You tell us what specific auto warranty and auto finance clientele criteria you are searching for and we will tailor the marketing funnel, assets and ad copy of the campaign to meet your specifications. This is your source of premium auto finance and warranty leads and we are here to ensure consistency and quality.

What Makes Concussion Media Different?

Put simply, we care. We care about enduring relationships and consistency. We want to work with you to build out your long-term business strategies in the auto vertical. We have the tools and expertise in our arsenal to guarantee a high-quality deliverable. Some of our services include:

  • Customized Creative Packages
  • A/B Split Testing of Various Campaign Assets and Funnel Formations
  • Lead Authentication and Validation Processes
  • Network of Auto Vertical Expert Partnerships
  • Traffic Monitoring and Compliance Services
  • Market Funnel and Auto Warranty/Finance Strategy Consultations


Contact the team at Concussion Media to discuss opportunities and customization capabilities in the auto finance and warranty vertical. We’re here to ensure you sell more cars so first you need to establishes a long-term lead generation relationship that delivers on that promise and that is what we do.

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