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Debt is a frightful experience for individuals and businesses alike. People are now just pulling themselves out of the 2008-2009 US economic recession but so many are still feeling the ramifications of the financial strains associated with those trying times. Multitudes of these financial strains include debt. People worried about their consumer debt are looking for ways to relieve themselves of stress but sometimes do not know how to find the correct company to work with to resolve these issues.

At the same time, companies like yours can provide the necessary services but do not know how to effectively find the perfect client match. This is where we step in. We connect your debt services to debt relief clientele. With over 15 years’ experience in the debt management and relief space, we know the most precise course of action to take to ensure that the exact lead matches are delivered for your debt services.

Not All Leads AreDebt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Management the Same

Debt management, consolidation and settlement services vary widely depending on the particular type of consumer debt and dollar amounts that are involved. As such, services like yours can not provide “blanket” solutions to clients. You need to build the relationship with the client from the ground up by specifying the requirements for client partnerships from inception. That is where Concussion Media takes part to map out a course of action to connect your debt services to the ideal client profile. From concept development to campaign distribution, we will manage every step of the way.


Services Provided:

We provide customized marketing and implementation plans for the following or any combination of the following debt relief verticals:

Debt settlement

Debt consolidation

Debt management

What’s Important to Make the Perfect Debt Client Match

There are few aspects that work together to form the perfect debt client match: campaign customization, client profile filtration and legal compliance adherence. We use these aspects to formulate a specific course of action for your debt services:

  • Customization: We build out a marketing campaign designed solely for your services. From initial idea conversations to final marketing strategy implementation, we work with you to design a multi-channel, integrated plan just for you.
  • Filtration: The right plan for the right client match. Tell us the exact client specifications you are looking for and we will build these specifications into the filters and path funnel of your integrated marketing plan.
  • Compliance: We take debt solutions compliance very seriously. In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) instituted significant changes to the regulations governing the debt relief industry. Changes included fee bans, full service disclosure requirements and other such regulations to protect the consumer. These regulations not only apply to debt relief companies but also to marketing companies who generate debt oriented leads. As such, Concussion Media takes these regulations extremely seriously. We follow a rigorous set of in-house standardized guidelines to ensure that all factors of your debt relief lead marketing strategy are compliant beyond question.


Partner with the team at Concussion Media to produce top quality debt relief leads targeted solely toward your services. Contact us today to discuss options.

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