Merchant Cash Advance

Many people forget that merchants sometimes need to finance their small business operations just like individuals or family households need to finance their investments or purchases. In this difficult economic times, it seems like commercial banks are lending to small business merchants less and less. As such, these merchants look for service providers who can assist them through the process, services like yours.

All the while, as a merchant cash advance provider, you’re looking for the “right” client match in these merchants but more than likely, there is a disconnect in how well the relationship goes and how long it will last for. That is where we at Concussion Media step in. We connect you to the right merchant clients for the long term.

We Have the Experienmerchantce

The team at Concussion Media has over 15 years’ experience dealing with sources directly in the merchant cash advance field. We cut out the unnecessary middle men and details to work with the most direct parties for the most effective and efficient services to our clients. We understand what you need in your merchant cash advance lead generation needs and work with you to deliver just that.

Consistent and Quality, Together

We emphasize both consistency and quality in our lead generation strategies when working with our merchant cash advance service clients. One of these traits alone is not enough to guarantee a well-rounded, long term marketing goal. You need both factors to make that happen.

  • Quality – we provide customizable creative packages and build your marketing funnel from the ground up to generate exclusive, filtered leads that meet our high standards of quality. We do not double sells leads for the quick profit. These are your leads and yours alone. We offer the following services to guarantee our high standard of quality:
    • Lead Authentication
    • Lead Process Consultation Services
    • Traffic Quality Monitoring
    • Traffic and Marketing Funnel Compliance Checks
  • Consistency – we continuously A/B split test ad copies, creative assets, marketing funnel flows and landing pages to find the most updated, optimized marketing assets equation to fit your needs. This equation can change on a regular basis based upon traffic sources used and shifts in the market hence why we always stay on top of our testing game.

You Choose the Leads That Work for You

Your business model and financing capabilities are different and we understand this. Based upon our initial conversations with your team when we start building your marketing funnel, we institute a strict set of filters and processes that result in the highest quality leads delivered directly to you.

You are, however, the only one that truly knows which leads work for your services at the end of the day so you choose what works for you so we pull in a series of factors that you can use to filter even further through the leads we generate:

Credit Score

Financial Collateral Available

Amount of Monthly Credit Card Transactions and Processing

Amount of Financing Needed

Other Customizable Filter Options Available


Contact the team at Concussion Media to discuss the opportunities we can put together for your long-term merchant cash advance lead generation needs.

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