Think about this for 60 seconds: what is the most effective way to generate premium mortgage leads for your business? Cold calling potential customers found in your professional network? Open houses? Sending out mailed brochures and pamphlets? Google search? There are countless ways to potentially connect with clients looking for a mortgage loan broker but there is no guarantee that the connection will pan out or that the quality of the mortgage loan client is up to your standards. So, how do you find a marketing method that guarantees high-quality mortgage lead clients and long term consistency?

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This is the very question that Concussion Media aims to answer. We ensure that the connection between our mortgage broker clients and mortgage leads are premium, customized and result in a positive return on investment. The current housing market fluctuates greatly and customers are looking for the best mortgage loan opportunities out there. The initial relationship between a mortgage broker and a customer can make or break the long term results of the entire business arrangement.

We Offer Only the Best

From years of expertise and experience to fully customized, exclusive mortgage marketing funnels, we are here to ensure that you do not have to worry about generating high quality leads. Leave it to us. That is our job. Your primary focus should be resolving clients’ mortgage troubles and enhancing your overall customer base. Here is how we help you:

  1. Exclusive Mortgage Leads – Unlike competitors who will sell and resell leads to the highest bidders, the leads we generate for you are for you.
  2. “Fresh” and Timely Leads – not only are these leads exclusive to you but they are up-to-date, current and presently interested in your mortgage services. It is our standard that you never receive outdate or “stale” leads.
  3. Filtered Lead Quality with High Closing Ratio – based upon the ideal customer filters and criteria we discuss with you in the beginning and implement over the course of the campaign, we set a high bar for delivering high quality mortgage leads that result in a higher closing ratio than other mortgage lead generation companies.
  4. Consistent Lead Quality and Volume – volume is one thing but we strive to balance out volume with consistency. We always deliver on the numbers that we project and the quality we pride ourselves on.
  5. Cherry Pick Your Chosen Leads – you choose what you want. We are here to fill your request as close to the ideal customer as possible but we know that you are the only one that truly understands and knows what your team needs to close the deal.
  6. Customizable Marketing Funnel and Assets – we base our relationships on being unique and one of a kind. With this principle, we work with our mortgage clients to customize the marketing funnels and assets to be their own entity.
  7. Lead Authentication and Monitoring – we run all aggregated mortgage leads through a series of authentication and monitoring software processes and systems to guarantee that all leads delivered to you in the end results are not only real but high-caliber and responsive.
  8. Strict Content and Processes Compliance – our expertise caters to high standards of compliance and content management. We abide by all third party regulations and ensure that authenticated and compliant leads are delivered.


Contact the team at Concussion Media to discuss how we can work together to generate top of the line mortgage lead marketing campaigns for your company.

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