In search of new customers for your moving company but don’t know where to turn? Print ads only do so much and word of mouth suggestions from new neighbors can be finicky. The digital space can provide ample opportunity for new clients but it is difficult to pinpoint where to begin and how to get the best quality leads for the money you are putting into this endeavor. So what do you do?

movingLet the Moving Experts Take Care of It

Leave it to the experts at Concussion Media. We provide exclusively guaranteed high-quality moving leads from a wide variety of digital channels spanning from direct media buys to social media to paid search capabilities. Results matter and that is what we deliver. With our advanced technological proficiencies and knowledge of the moving lead generation space, we work with our moving company partners to connect them with potential consumers leads that match their specifications.

What Can We Do for You?

Complete, Guaranteed Solution Specific to Moving Companies: we create, test and launch a completely optimized lead generation website designed specifically for moving, adjusting the lead flow and filters to meet your lead characteristic specificities.

Customized Consumer Lead Specification Design: you tell us what you want and we will deliver. Our cutting-edge technology paired with our expertise and effective marketing strategies delivers superior customizable capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else.

Proven Lead Generation Technique Across Multiple Digital Channels: we have worked with countless partners on customized campaigns to produce high quality moving leads on channels ranging from email to media buying to social media. Based on the channel, we tailor the campaign to fit your needs. As such, our results speak for themselves time and time again.

Lead Authentication Analysis: Upon launching and running the campaign, our team thoroughly evaluates all leads to ensure that we deliver the highest quality to you. We use top-tier compliance and analytics tools to evaluate the value of each lead.

Unparalleled Moving Industry Expertise: With over 15 years’ experience in the moving lead generation, our team at Concussion produces a customized in-house campaign from start to finish with the same detailed-oriented, creative mindset in each step of the process. We pride ourselves on our consistent record of innovative design, superb quality and attention to detail during every phase of a campaign life cycle.

Interstate and Intrastate Leads: Local mover? National brand? It does not matter. We handle both interstate and intrastate lead inquiries. We can the in-house capabilities to geo-target to the zip code level for a client if it is necessary. Correct demographic targeting is exceptionally important in producing high quality, responsive leads and we ensure that your targeting is on point.


When it comes to generating high quality moving specific leads, leave it to us. We are here to make your life easier and deliver authenticated, validated, high-quality moving leads. Please contact us to discuss further.

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