Advanced Web Analytics

As veterans in online marketing strategy and implementation,  we at Concussion Media offers a wide variety of advanced web analytical tools and services to provide vital data and forecasting information for our clients. The quality feedbacks from these tools and services have formed the foundation for digital sales tactics and policies for businesses large and small.

Detailed Examination to Solve the Problem

We pride ourselves on consistently using a combination of detailed examination; technological webfocus and marketing knowledge to create customize web analytics packages for our clientele. This standard of thorough analysis proves itself again and again. The system of advanced web analytics tools that we use allows for the team to forecast detailed future events and behavior compositions. This allows for our clients to conduct “what-if” scenario evaluations and predict the effects of possible changes in marketing, sales or overall business strategies.

It Begins with Innovation

Although the correct structuring of advanced web analytics is of utmost importance for advancement in online media presence, the continuous strategy coordination and applications contributes wholly to one of our core goals: innovation. Each one of the package creations and implementations that we creates enable the company to gain more insight into the ever-changing nature of online marketing, sales and advertising. Our team uses these insights to continuously better our services and go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers by innovating new techniques and courses of actions from what they have learned.

There are several components to the advanced web analytics system that Concussion’s team meticulously oversees: measurement, collection, analysis, reporting and implementation. Each component holds equal value in the importance of the overall analytics process and influences the next steps that a business decides to take in its future marketing strategies. How are each of these components pertinent to the overall outcome? We break break down the process:

Measurement: the tools that we will determine that are needed to measure specific data variables on a website or within a digital marketing funnel. There are specific measurement analytical tools in place ranging from Google Analytics to SiteCatalyst that can be integrated into a website’s interface to monitor information on users. The specific tools depend on the end goal of the website and the overarching objecives at hand.

Collection: As the measurement tools are recording and tracking various bits of information about users interacting with an online entity, this data is being collected on the backend of the overall system for categorization, coordination and interpretation.

Analysis and Reporting: we can collect and thus analyze a wide array of data points about a particular site or marketing funnel’s behavior. From complex spreadsheet and complicated input procedures, we take the stress load off the client’s shoulders by interpreting and preparing straightforward, simple to use data output reports for their customers to use in strategy implementation.

Implementation: After collecting and interpreting data from a client’s site, we take it a step further by customizing a very direct and effective marketing and advertising plan for the website to increase overall customer engagement and activity.

Through trust, customization, loyalty to the customer and years of experience, we at Concussion Media go the extra mile to ensure that the foundations of our clients’ online product and services platforms are at the cutting edge of technology and marketing functionality. To understand more about web analytics, check out Google’s breakdown here regarding definitions, online procedures and more.

Contact the Concussion Team to learn more about their specific capabilities, tools and information.

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