Affiliate Management

As a part of its Advertiser Solutions facet, Concussion Media acts as a premier centralized hub of application and organization for advertisers, agencies and publishers. We provide strategic support and unique affiliate management services to our advertiser and agency partners as we understand how one client’s needs vary from another.

Our team of expert managers works with you to develop out a customized system of support that enhances the overall client experience and drives results to reach your end goal. If you need assistance in creating an affiliate program to boost sales or traffic to your website, we also provide specialized implementation plans to set up a successful course of action for you.

Your Time is Important

We understand that as an advertiser, you may manage a variety of third party partners or affiliates to drive traffic to your web portals but may not have the time to fully dedicate to it. So let us help you simplify things through our suite of services. If you do not have the time to thoroughly develop out a third-party partner program, we have you covered. We are here to make the day-to-day management aspect of your professional pursuits easier.

Our Services include:aff

Affiliate Program Strategy Development and Launch

One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Dedicated Point of Contact on Advertiser Solution Team

High Touch Global Affiliate Management Support from Expert Managers

Affiliate Program Relaunches/Rebrands and Network Consolidation

Publisher Management Technology Consultations and Recommendations

Publisher Recruitment Services

Publisher Screening Procedures and

All Party Compliance Evaluation

Now that you know what we can provide to you, where do we go from here?

Where to Start

Contact the team at Concussion to discuss your personalized affiliate management options with us. We will work out a specified plan to build or enhance your unique program. From there, the Concussion team will integrate the program into partner systems to deliver high quality users to your web portal.

Types of Clientele

We work with large local, national and international brand partners as this diversification keeps our systems and services versatile.

Types of Marketing Capabilities

We specialized in performance-based marketing and advertising. If the user click does not result in a sale, you do not pay for it. At Concussion, we take pride in only offering the best in user quality. We work on all digital channel fronts spanning from email to social media to media buys. As such, we let our experience and services speak for us.

Length of Setup Time

Implementation times for programs vary based upon backend integration, creative services turnaround and similar factors but usually, your program will launch in 15-30 days. We maintain a checklist of stages while creating the program to keep all parties on track and on the same page.

Take the Next Step

Contact the team at Concussion Media to discuss affiliate management options and customizable program services.

We work with our clients in long-term partnerships to drive their marketing platforms to success. If you are ready to grow your business then sign up now!

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