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An effective call center operation is a dynamic entity that requires constant attention and versatility to ensure that maximum performance and efficiency are achieved. Call centers are one of the most essential components of the entire online marketing funnel cycle.

What Goes in to an Effective Call Center Strategy?

Concussion Media understands how this essential component of the call center has callcenterthe power to make or break the closing of a sale or ensure the retention of a customer.

The Concussion team has long worked with a wide variety of call center structures in different verticals from optimizing IVRs to enhancing agent speech patterns.

Through a mix of cutting edge technological partnerships, contact center performance management tactics and customizable agent-customer interaction training sessions, Concussion builds unique, holistic performance based strategy package to contribute to the long term success of each client.

Core Concepts

Apart from unique client relationships and specific marketing funnel structures, the team at Concussion Media has learned there are common core goals and implementation tactics that constitute an effective operation. Here is the breakdown of the goals and implementations that Concussion abides by for for superior call center performance management:

Overall Goals to Achieve

Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences – it all comes back to how the agent and the company enhances the customer interaction. This is the foundation on which Concussion builds its strategies.

Increase Efficacy and Contact Center Productivity – By working with client teams closely, Concussion quickly diagnoses the call center productivity issue(s) and implements a closely tailored program

Advance Agents’ Proficiency Through Training – training is essential to achieving top-tier performing call agent rates. In association with specialized call center education partners, Concussion constructs curriculums via seminars, personalized coaching sessions and team building exercises to improve sale and speech tactics implemented.

Track and Evaluate Call Center Performance Measurements – Concussion Media works with partners to implement a balanced strategy of analytical tools and managerial approaches to effectively measure and evaluate current call center methods and adjust particular aspects of the overall model as needed.

This goal framework enables Concussion Media to give definition to the project scope and then implement the grounded series of productivity components below to identify issues at hand and accelerate overall project success.

Implementation Components

Overall Company Strategy – a bottom-up tactic that is used to determine aspects from whole company strategy to departmental details

Operational Processes – once strategies are established, the necessary processes to put the strategies into practice are outlined and implemented.

Organization and Coordination of Contact Center Infrastructure – the structure of the call center must be reorganized to apply newly defined operational procedures.

Efficacy and Productivity Metrics and Reporting Methodologies – based upon the scope of the project, particular reporting and measurement methodologies are adopted to ensure increased efficacy and productivity.

Technology Applications – apply necessary technology systems to streamline call center metrics, quantify leads and sales, analyze customer feedback and track team progress.

Amenities, Services and Facilities – determine and then integrate all necessary amenities, infrastructural services and team facilities necessary to improve productivity and efficiency of work environment.

By breaking down the overall contact center performance management analysis into a series of goals and implementation components, the Concussion team produces a dynamic plan of action for all partners that result in continuous long-term successes and customer satisfaction. Speak with a member of the Concussion Media team today to learn more.

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