Content Strategy

User engagement is key for success in the today’s online world; not only mere user engagement but repeated, lively interaction within a website from user to user. Concussion Media understands this concept to the very core.

Buzzwords Shouldn’t Matter, Quality Does Though…

The term “content strategy” might be a term that has become a buzzword over the past few years in the digital marketing sphere. After all, “content is [now] king” but no matter how much information is out there, user behavior consistently reflects the preference for quality over quantity and Concussion Media delivers time after time on this exact point. If you are not sure what “content” is, check this out.

How Concussion Obtains This Quality

As content strategists, the team at Concussion Media plan, curate and distribute intriguing, shareworthy and engaging information and details. They thoroughly research the appropriate perspectives, pertinent topics and key points of discussion that are necessary to build quality, unique content.

Individuality Matters

It does not, however, stop there. Above all else, it is the individual connection that is created whenever a user visits the website that matters. This connection is the very heart of the relationship between user and company and if successful, the relationship sticks. How does Concussion make this happen? Simple. They create positive real world interactions by following these easy rules:

Make It Personal

contentPeople want to know they’re connecting with other people. This proves difficult with only a smart phone or a computer at their fingertips but it can be overcome through the perspective of content. Concussion’s team helps develop the voice of YOU, your brand and your mission and links this voice to the content itself. Words carry weight and Concussions uses them to forge a personal connection with the audience.

Fun fact: It takes people two-tenths of a second to generate a first opinion about a website. It takes another 2.6 seconds for a viewer’s eyes to concentrate on the content of the website to reinforce that first impression.

Make It Purposeful and Informative

3 seconds. That’s all it takes for a person to form an opinion about a website.  That is why it is imperative that the purpose and information of the website be stated loud and clear. The information itself should bring new insight to users so they leave feeling fulfilled and well informed. The purpose of the website should be apparent and straightforward. Through quality content, Concussion achieves both of these goals at the same time.

Make It Entertaining

Quality content does not always need to be amusing but it cannot be denied that human beings are innately attracted to content that taps into their basic instincts to laugh, cry or wince. Concussion understands that this instinctual connection forms an emotional bond with users that enables the content of the website to be easily digestible and potentially shareable. This knowledge is one of the key ingredients that go into Concussion’s strategy and has yet to fail.

Make It Relevant

In the age of information inundation, content relevancy is crucial. Going back to the 3 second rule stated above, users want to know that they are engaging with content that is worth their time. From the start, Concussion makes a clear bridge between relevancy and necessary information that needs to be relayed to the viewer. Time is of the essence, after all.

Make It Genuine

Viewers want to know about other human beings. They want to know about YOU. Concussion will work tirelessly with you and your team to develop your voice and perpetuate it through different online channels. Genuineness goes far and Concussion will take you to the finish line.

High-quality content proves to be an invaluable asset of an online entity’s success. Concussion understands the powerful connection between information and user engagement. The team at Concussion Media will work with you to ensure only the very best in content strategy and repeated user engagement so contact them today to discuss further.

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