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When we think of email, we think of a dated form of electronic communication. Gone are the days of excitement when we opened up AOL to the chime of “You Got Mail.” After twenty plus years of last minute discount notifications, contest winning entries and countless newsletters, is email still a worthwhile channel of communication for business-owners to use?

The simple answer to this complicated question is: yes. Email still matters.

Many folks would beg to differ but we at Concussion Media know the difference. Our roots reside within email marketing. We have been there since the beginning to learn the strengths and weaknesses to this online marketing channel. Email marketing can be can be considered the foundation for digital advertising

But some might say….so what? It’s an old mode of messaging. Basically the fax machine of the 2010s. Yes, email marketing might be an “old school” method of sending messages out but it is undeniably effective. Why is that?

Here are a few reasons to consider:

Email is an Efficient Way to Reach Those on the Go – according to a 2014 study, 65% of all emails are now opened on a user’s phone. Messaging is now mobile. Concussion Media prioritizes this shift to mobile technology as one of the main focuses when creating email campaigns for clients. Since the user is mobile, so must we be.

Email is a Reliable Way to Keep Users Informed – the beauty of email is that the user interacts with their inboxes free of charge in the vast majority of cases. Email acts as a stand alone form of messaging that delivers engaging content to users thus permitting business owners to stay connected to consumers or potential consumers.

Interaction via Email Drives Consumers to Websites – engaging email content provides a golden opportunity for advertisers to gain intrigued user traffic to their site. Knowing how crucial this connection is, we at Concussion strengthen the connection between email content and website through precise messaging and design alignment. 

Easily Customizable to Incorporate into Other Marketing Channels: From newsletters to auto-responders, email is a very easy channel to integrate into an overall multi-channel marketing strategy. We analyze all opportunities within the scope of a project to determine how email marketing would be the most impactful without forming clutter.

As we understand the necessities of email marketing, we engage in all levels of email marketing consultation services. This consultation range includes:

  • Email Segmentation

  • Creative Design and Customization

  • Email Reporting Methodologies

  • Autoresponders

  • Email Compliance Guideline Training and Consultations

  • Suppression List Hygiene and Organizational Practices

  • Campaign API features and integration

  • Email List Performance Reporting Tools

  • List Localization

This dynamic range of services in combination with our extensive experience has provided the means for countless clients to keep in constant contact with their users and expand their company’s presence online.  Touch base with a team member at Concussion Media to discuss your customizable email marketing options and to ask specific questions.

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