Lead Generation

leadgenOne of the biggest success factors in lead generation is the level of user interaction on a short term and continuous basis. At Concussion Media, we thoroughly understand this vital engagement connection better than most.

Through 15 years of developing each stage of the overall marketing funnel pipeline, the Concussion team has found that the key to this success is determining the most efficient techniques to reach the target demographic and then engage users are a higher level.

Targeted Multi-Channel Interactions Over Wide-Range Broadcasting

A pretty landing page or a flashy banner will not answer a company’s prayers for increased user engagement. Having generated over 2 million high-quality leads or sales for our advertisers, we dive into the heart of your user engagement matter. Our team works closely with you to clearly define the most effective means of user communication through multi-channel solution layouts and lead acquisition enhancement.

Multi-Channel Solution Layout Capabilities

It takes more than one channel of communication with online users to establish and maintain an enduring connection with a targeted demographic base. We pride ourselves on our expertise in multi-channel versatility and communication tactics to enhance user experiences through the following marketing means:

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Paid Search

Media Buying

Website Design and Development

Content Strategy and Creation

Marketing Funnel Strategy and Implementation

Targeted Verticals

We take this experience in multi-channel operations and applies it to the company’s expertise in a dynamic range of targeted verticals including:

• Tax Settlement

• Debt Settlement / Consolidation

• Auto Finance / Warranty

• Credit Repair

• Mortgage

• Merchant Cash Advance

• Moving

• Student Loans

Balance is Essential

This balance between dynamic communication tactics and breadth of campaign verticals enables us to view the possibilities of your company in an uncommonly holistic manner. As your business model enhances and changes, we are there every step of the way to provide consistent guidance and assistance in your marketing, sales and operational processes through campaign coaching, reporting education and creative services. In addition to assisting your team in building out your campaign infrastructure, we help enhance your business model by sourcing new, high-quality customers through our network of partnerships and joint ventures.

Our expert lead generation team is here to take your company’s online efforts to the next level through personalized consultation services, campaign architectural design and implementation and applying specific vertical characteristics to multi-channel campaign promotions in a very dynamically effective process.

The Dynamic Process

Development: Concussion develops a customized marketing strategy with your company whether it be a simple 1st page lead generation form or a full cost per sale marketing funnel.

Cross-Function Collaboration: This gives way to cross-functional collaboration between marketing, IT, financial and sales teams on both ends to cultivate the strategy.

Production: This step takes on the next role as the various teams build on each’s other work to produce a final end product for online distribution.

Analytical Testing: Before distribution can occur, the Concussion team goes through a series of critical analysis tests to ensure all components are functioning and reporting correctly.

Multi-Channel Distribution: Once all testing confirms perfect functionality, we work with you to launch the ideal combination of channel promotion capabilities to diversify campaign results and data while adhering to strict standard quality guidelines.

Evaluation: At the end of the first round of testing, we will sit down with your company to analyze all aspects of the results and determine what adjustments need to be administered to ensure the high quality of incoming lead generation data.

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