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Though many might think that search engine optimization (SEO for short) is a dying marketing breed, the Concussion Team proves otherwise. We are the go-to source for national and localized search engine optimization needs, services and consultations.

Our unique marketing plans have aided hundreds of clients ranging from one-man start ups to Fortune 1000 companies in increasing their online presence and customer connectivity.

Personalization is the Key

Unlike the bigger agencies out there, we personalize our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We strive to prove our knowledge by setting forth an optimal marketing plan and openly showing your team how we put this strategy into effect.

More than merely showing you the strategy, we provide regular updates on strategy performance and outcomes. This is a partnership aimed at generating long-term success.

No two companies are the same thus no two SEO strategies are the same.

seoWhy Does SEO Matter?

Yes, SEO matters. Some of the highest quality traffic is derived from organic searches via Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Why is this? Simply due to the fact that the user’s intent for interaction with a particular product or service is usually much higher as opposed to passively viewing an ad on Facebook or handling a pop-up ad.

This equates to a higher ROI than paid search or other forms of traffic.  Also, users are more prone to trust organic results from search engine feeds than they are to trust an advertisement. It is the subtle nature of SEO that works in its favor to gain high-quality user interaction because of the initial trust and interest that is already in place.

SEO Services at Concussion Media

Our services span across the board so feel free to reach out and ask about anything in particular:

  • SEO Packages and Plans

  • Customizable SEO Consultations

  • Keyword Research and Audits

  • Backlink Cleanup and Organization

  • Link Building Services

  • Content Copywriting Services

  • Google Maps and Local Target Optimization

  • Reputation Management

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Ecommerce SEO Services

  • Franchise SEO Services

  • Short-Tailed and Long-Tailed Keyword Bidding Formulation

How Does Concussion Media Make This Happen?

Website Structure Analysis – our team analyzes the structure and content of our client’s website to ensure that all pages are prime for public viewing and content rich. We discard weak or thin content or infrastructural design to build a dynamic, engaging site from the ground up.

Content Improvement and Repair – the Concussion team evaluates all website aspects to certify that all content is 100% unique. One of the worst offenses in the eyes of Google and the other major search engines is to have duplicate content on a website as this will negatively impact site rankings. We eliminate this at the start to prevent problems from arising in the future.

Focused Keyword Targeting – we research the optimal keywords of your project’s scope or company vertical and design those keywords to their respective website pages. From there, we drive traffic by bidding on short-tailed and long-tailed forms of those keyword phrases for the best results possible.

Link and Anchor Text Optimization and Repairs – We examine your banklink trends to make sure there is diversity throughout as search engines are notorious for flagging sites that seem to be populated by automated ranking link schemes. If there are any trends in links or anchor text, we fix them.

White Hat Operations – we take pride in our authentic approach to creating and building out every online property we work on. Our white hat promotional guidelines do not falter and guarantee long term success for our clients.

Transparent Reporting – the Concussion team provides complete performance transparency to our clients. Routine link building, keyword ranking and website traffic reports are sent. We then sit down with our clients to go over all analytics to determine which parts of the overall strategy need to be adjusted.

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