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webdIt takes more than aesthetically pleasing images and a. elaborate Flash presentation to make a website. Concussion Media understands that many online entities fall into this aesthetic trap and we want to ensure that you do not.

We have created thousands of websites for internal use and for local, national and international partners.

Customization, dedication and content strategy go into each one of our website development and design projects.

This equates to higher levels of user engagement and an overall higher ROI for our clients.

The Factors We Use in Our Website Equation

Just like a math problem, a website adds up different variables that lead to a specific outcome. Our job at Concussion Media is to add up the values of these variables in such a combination that results in the perfect website for you. Here are the variables to our equation:

Appearance –the appearance of a website is the first impression that user has of your company, and thus your image. This aspects factors into the overall equation that we use to create the perfect website for you. The Concussion team will work with you to design a unique website theme that will reflect the image of your company.

Content – substance of a website goes hand-in-hand with a website’s appearance. Users come to website for information that enhances their online experience. The content of your website must be rich and relevant to the user’s intent and that is why we will tailor the content of your website to be engaging and applicable to ensure high rates of user interaction.

Functionality – every part of your website should work correctly and quickly. Users have very little patience for broken or badly built components thus leaving them with a poor perception of your company. We test all website components extensively prior to website launch to safeguard against any foreseen issues.

Structure – structure is often a variable of overall website design that is overlooked but a poorly structured site can be detrimental to a company’s online presence. We structure your website to be easy to read, navigate and understand for all users.

Rich content, easy user engagement accessibility, proper SEO presence, and simple website structure flow are just a few of the components that go into each of these variables. We link all components from each of the variables of appearance, content, functionality and structure Regardless of this proven structure, we treat each project independent from all others.

Whether you would just like to build a website from the ground up or redesign the site you already have, we at Concussion Media are here to help you from initial design through infrastructure layout to final product launch. If you are need further information regarding how the website design process is implemented check out this best practices of web development guide.

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